Cocoa and cocoa mix are part of the Royal Taste Company delivery program. In our range you will only find the best varieties that meet our high quality standard.


The Latin name for cocoa is Theobroma which literally means ‘Food of the gods’. This valuable crop played an important role in many ancient South American cultures.

In its earliest forms, the Maya used cocoa to create a ritual drink that was shared during wedding ceremonies – one of the earliest known links between chocolate and romance.

Nearly 100 years after the Spaniards came into contact with the coveted drink Chocolat, they kept the secret behind the product to themselves. Once known, chocolate has evolved enormously. Today, billions of people around the world enjoy chocolate in its most diverse forms, empowering hundreds of thousands of workers around the world.


The cocoa beans are grown on small plantations in the tropics (15-20 degrees north and south of the equator). Each region has its own specific characteristics. Cocoa is a sensitive crop that only starts bearing fruit 5 years after planting.

Harvesting the ripe cocoa fruits is done twice a year. After harvesting, the cocoa fruit is stripped of its jacket and the beans appear. The beans are stored in trays and covered with banana leaves, which starts the fermentation process, which gives us the typical cocoa flavor we know.

After fermentation, the beans are sun-dried and bagged for transport to cocoa factories around the world.

In the cocoa factory, the beans are inspected, cleaned of impurities and then mixed to various origins according to carefully predetermined recipes.

The core of the bean (the so-called cacaonib) is separated from the skin and then roasted and ground into a liquid mass. This mass is treated with an alkali solution (= dutchen), which makes the cocoa darker and milder.

The mass goes into a cocoa press, which separates the cocoa butter from the dry matter, which is then ground into cocoa powder with different fat contents.


As with good coffee, the origin of the cocoa beans and the production process determine the quality. Our range of cocoa and cocoa mix uses only the best cocoa varieties that are produced with care and according to the highest quality standards, so that our customers can fully enjoy the ‘food of the gods’.


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