Various milk products including Topping are part of the Royal Taste Company delivery program. In our range you will find only the best products that meet our high quality standard.


Milk or milk topping is an essential ingredient for the preparation of cappuccino. Milk is not only a flavor component, but the protein in the milk also provides the necessary foam and foam stability.

The name Cappuccino is originally from Austria. The “Kapuziner” is a coffee-making method from the Viennese coffee house culture. It is a small mocha with a few drops of whipped cream, from which the Italian cappuccino was later created. Cappuccino consists of equal parts of milk foam, milk and espresso. Sometimes cocoa powder or cinnamon is also sprinkled over, although this is ‘not done’ in professional (barista) circles, because the foam disappears.


Liquid milk consists of approximately 89% water and further milk fat (approximately 3.5%) and important nutrients such as proteins (= milk protein), calcium, magnesium and vitamins (A, B2, B6, B12 and D). About 11 liters of milk are required to produce 1 kg of skimmed milk powder.

After skimming the milk, it is heated to kill bacteria and dried in a spray tower into milk powder. The spray drying process allows the water in the milk to evaporate, as it were, and gives structure to the milk powder, which guarantees trouble-free operation in vending machines. After spray drying, milk sugar (lactose), a natural component of milk, may or may not be added, which makes the product somewhat sweeter in taste.

In general, the higher the milk content, the more foam and foam stability. By instantizing the milk powder, the powder structure is changed into a granulate (granular form), which is more soluble and causes less contamination in the machine.


The Royal Taste Topping is of high quality that ensures that you or your customers can serve the perfect cappuccino.


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